gsZoom Volunteer Licence
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gsZoom Accounts are open to all Registered Volunteers, typically each troop only needs to purchase one account. 

The $36 Dollar rate covers your account 12 months, this is a large discount from the $199 Market Rate.

You can have up to 500 attendees in your meetings.

We process these request weekly, you will receive and email from Zoom within 5 business day to activate your account.

Do you need Financial Aid? Please email 


gsZoom FAQ’s

Q: Does everyone attending the meeting need a paid account?

A: No, only one person (the host) needs a paid account.


Q: Can we use troop funds to purchase the account for our troop?

A: Yes, we encourage you to use product program proceeds and dues to purchase the account.


Q: My link to activate my account has expired?

A: Email and let him know.


Q: Why is the priced reduced so much?

A: GSUSA worked with Zoom to negotiate a national rate for both volunteers and staff across the movement. The cost without this would be $199 annually compared to our $36 annually.


Q: How many people can attend my meeting through this account?

A: Up to 500 people can participate in one meeting.


Q: Who can have an account?

A: Any registered Volunteers to us the account for Girl Scout Programing.


Q: Can we share login information?

A: No, per the Zoom User agreement each person needs their own account.


Q: Is there training available on how to use Zoom with our girls?

A: Yes, we will have both live virtual sessions and OnDemand session in gsLearn.


Q: When will I have access to Zoom after purchasing

A: We manually upload the lists of accounts weekly, it can take up to 5 business days.


Q: I am a Leader & SUD I need two accounts?

A: No, you can use the same account to host troop and SU meetings, as long as they are not happening at the same time.